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6.2 Using maps

CGDB fully supports the use of maps. It allows the user to change the meaning of typed keys. For example, you could have the following map :map <F2> ip<Space>argc<CR>.

When the user is in CGDB mode and they hit F2, the value of the map will be used instead. The i key will first be received by CGDB, and it will put the user into insert mode. Next, CGDB will get p argc followed by the Enter key.

CGDB currently supports two mapping lists. Any mapping that was added with the map command will be used by CGDB when it is in CGDB mode. You can delete a mapping that you have created with the map command with the unmap command. If you want to have mappings in GDB mode, you can use the imap command. Similarly, iunmap will delete a mapping in the imap set. Some examples of this would be

map a<Space>b foo
unmap a<Space>b

imap a<CR>b foo
iunmap a<CR>b