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5 CGDB highlighting groups

CGDB is capable of using colors if the terminal it is run in supports them. Until version 0.6.1, CGDB did not allow the user to configure these colors in any way. CGDB color use is now fully configurable.

CGDB’s modeled its use of color highlighting after vim. Any data that will be colored in the terminal is represented by a highlighting group. A highlighting group represents data that should be formatted using foreground colors, background colors and attributes. There are currently several types of highlighting groups in CGDB. There are syntax highlighting groups, which represent syntax highlighting of sources files. There are also User Interface groups, which represent things like CGDB’s logo, or the status bar.

Each highlighting group has a default set of attributes and colors associated with it. You can modify a highlighting groups properties by using the highlight command. See Configuring CGDB.

Note that CGDB currently supports using the same background color the terminal was using before CGDB was started. However, this only works when CGDB was linked with ncurses. If you link CGDB with curses, then CGDB will force the background to Black.