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8 Building CGDB from source

Building CGDB from source requires several packages. First, CGDB is hosted at GitHub. You can determine how to get CGDB from source by looking here:

Once you have the source to CGDB, now you can begin to build it. You will of course need many packages to build CGDB. Below is a list of all of them that are required to build CGDB.

GNU Make

I have successfully used version 3.79.1, however, older versions probably will work.


The GNU C compiler. I’ve compiled CGDB with versions as old as 2.9.5, and as new as 4.0.2.

GNU Readline

The GNU readline library version 5.1. CGDB will not work with versions before 5.1. Readline was modified specifically to work with CGDB.

GNU Ncurses

I have successfully used successfully. However, older versions probably will work.

Below is a list of optional packages you will need, if modifying certain files in CGDB.

GNU Flex

If you modify any files with an extension of .l, you will have to have flex installed. I have used flex 2.5.4 to build CGDB.

GNU Texinfo

If you modify doc/cgdb.texinfo, then you will be required to have this package installed. I have used version 4.7 to build the documentation for CGDB.

CGDB uses autoconf/automake to build its configure scripts and makefiles. So, if you change any of the autoconf/automake files, you will need this software installed.

GNU Automake

This has the program aclocal, and must be version Version 1.9.5.

GNU Autoconf

This has the program autoconf, and must be version 2.59.

GNU m4

This has the program m4, and must be version 1.4.3.

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